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Most Requested Wedding & DJ Songs

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If you're planning a wedding reception, you're probably wondering "What song should we use for the first dance/father-daughter/mother-son dances/cake cutting?" Plus, you'd like to give the DJ a flavor for the kinds of songs you like to dance to, but maybe you're having a hard time thinking of them right now, especially since you also want songs that will satisfy your fiance and your guests. To help you out, here are the most requested DJ songs in the country according to DJ intelligence, arranged by decades AND by wedding reception activities like those listed above. Of course, there's no need to feel restricted by what's "popular", so feel free to come up with your own favorites as well. These lists are provided as a free service by DJ Tom. You may use them to plan your reception with me, with another DJ, or even if you are just daydreaming your wedding day!

Note: Once you're on a list, there's a drop down menu up top, with all the other categories. Any of the links below open up a new window so you can keep it handy while doing planning using the tools in our client area

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